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MedPark West has a number of lease spaces currently available. Options range from open, build-to-suit interior shell spaces (including one that is drive-thru-ready) to ready-to-occupy offices. Almost all the spaces in MedPark West are configurable, with most having options for division or combination. As the buildout of MedPark Square progresses around the clocktower in the center of the park, more spaces will become available. Eventually, four buildings will have entrances that open onto the square’s central, pedestrian-friendly plaza. Most of the spaces in these buildings will be lease space.

Here are some details on the lease spaces that are currently available in the park:

  • Drive-thru-ready
  • Up to 8,800 sq. ft.
  • Will Subdivide
  • Custom office layouts possible
  • New construction
  • Entrances along Clocktower Plaza
  • 1,200 to 2,100 sq. ft. available.
  • CALL for Details
  • This space has recently been filled.

The development of MedPark West, from the outset, was focused on creating a consistent and attractive backdrop for a large community of businesses, clinics, medical practices and limited retail spaces. Early on, land planners engineered an accommodating layout with a wide variety of lot shapes and sizes and this has allowed prospective builders, over the years, to easily find a MedPark West site that fits their needs. Multiple options for BUILDING SITES are still available. CALL or EMAIL for details.

MedPark West represents a successful collaboration of award-winning architectural, engineering and environmental design firms. The park has more than $22 million in development currently in place, and a dozen businesses and practices employing more than 200 people.

The park’s restrictive covenants, city-maintained streets and underground utilities help protect property investments, and create an attractive setting, with easy-to-locate destinations—a distinct contrast to more densely built-up areas just outside the park. With T-1 data connections and an extensive flood control system designed to handle the proverbial 100-year flood, the park clearly sets a new standard of engineered excellence for developments of this type in our region.

MedPark West began with a concentrated effort to provide much-needed growth space to the expanding medical community, and quickly built out the park you see today with a busy campus of medical practices, clinics and specialists. The next phase of development will add business offices into the park mix and a select group of retail entities to service the ever-expanding population of professionals, support personnel, clients and other visitors who pass through the park each day.

This map of the MedPark West includes the most recent additions to the MedPark West community, as well as the latest on properties in development, available lots, and acreage.